Impact of Donations

Medical research to find a cure for EB is the only focus of our energies and of your donations. Indeed, 100% of every pound donated goes directly to fund our project, as our costs are fully underwritten. This means that your donations can have an even greater impact.

Recent highlights include:


  • Cure EB (formerly Sohana Research Fund) has raised over £6.5 million in 8 years, funding 13 projects including three clinical trials, innovative projects aiming to correct the genetic faults that cause the problem and bring an interim treatment to the bedside.


  • In 2016, together with two other US based medical research charities, we funded the EB iPS Cell Consortium, which includes researchers from leading universities in the US. The results of its early work were so promising that it leveraged a major grant of $3.8 million, raising hopes for future clinical trials and potential treatment. Link to Eureka Alert press release.



Prof McGrath with children on the EBSTEM trial