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This is Poppy

Poppy is a beautiful, bright five-year-old girl who attends primary school in Surrey and loves dancing. But Poppy will never dance barefoot because even the slightest knock or rub to her skin can cause damage. Poppy has the rare condition Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) which stops delicate and damaged skin repairing itself. Children with EB have to wear bandages on their feet, legs and arms every single day.

Poppy was born with no skin on her left leg. For the first four months of life she was so fragile she was carried on a pillow. Twice a day mum, Kate, has to pop painful blisters all over Poppy’s body. Poppy has daily pain medication. She has special shoes to cushion her feet and pureed food because the skin in her mouth and throat is too delicate for her to chew and swallow.

Mum Kate says: “Put aside an hour to have fun and take part in #EBpop to help find a cure and show support for some of the bravest children in Britain.”

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